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10 rules to live by for sewer & drain cleaners

Every profession should have its 10 Commandments; the top 10 rules to live by. Here are our 10 commandments for sewer & drain cleaners.

  1. Safety first – ALWAYS!

  2. Have the right tools for the job you’re facing.

  3. Treat your customers with respect.

  4. Know your worth and charge what you’re worth.

  5. Take care of your tools – they are your livelihood.

  6. Never stop learning/training.

  7. Be ready for anything to come out of the drain.

  8. Take time to enjoy life away from work.

  9. Plan for the slow season.

  10. Finally, keep your mouth closed when clearing a line!

What's on your "10 commandments" list? Did we miss anything?

This post first appeared on the Spartan Tool blog.

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